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I live in New Jersey, married with two teenagers that keep me very busy. I love crafting and recently decided to take my crafting to a new level by opening stores on Etsy. Etsy is a site for people that love crafting and buying handmade items. I have been open about fours months and its been a lot of fun! I consider myself a creative person who needs to be busy in order to stay sane :) If you get a chance I would love for you to visit my stores on Etsy. You can find me using the following links~~~~~~~ www.klayfriends.etsy.com which is for my collectible, fun & Classy Jewelry and my newest store which specializes in Clay Piggies and other critters at klaysweetpiggies.etsy.com

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Down On the Farm Pics

Good Morning, as I mentioned in one of my blogs I wanted to share with you pictures of my 2nd favorite hobby, My Farm. The first picture is of my newest handmade piggy, Spring Day piggy. You can visit Piggy at my etsy store: klayfriends.etsy.com under Clay items in my store :)

I have two goats Zoe & Rosebud..both purchased at local Jersey farms. Zoe is an older goat that I purchased as she was no longer good for breeding and Rosebud was purchased by me because the owners "show" their goats and her formation was not "perfect". I have two white Pekin ducks. The smallest one was found on a main highway and the bigger I adoped from a local farm. They love their pool :) I also have pics of my chickens that lay eggs everyday. The farm would not be complete without a picture of my miniature horses. I have two of them but could only get one of Jumpin' Jim with his whole head in his feed bucket..silly guy.

My farm is small, only a few acres, but it brings lot of enjoyment to me, my family and friends. Unfortunately, my husband may want to sell in the next few years once my son has finished high school and downsize and at that point I would have to consider suitable homes for my friends, but for now I enjoy each day with them!

I hope you enjoy the pictures and I will put more on as the seasons change.



  1. I LOVE the ducks, its a dream of mine to own two of those kind of ducks.

  2. I love farm animals. Sometimes I wish I had country property to raise my own farm animals and have a large garden.


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